Welcome to True Chic, Naturally!

What do you say to someone who, when looking in the mirror, sees only their flaws? You tell them we are all wonderfully made and that includes our skin and hair.  When we accept and believe that in our hearts, it will prevent us from feeling ashamed of our God given attributes and allow us to walk, with our heads held high in that powerful reality. Ultimately, we will reach a place where we will refuse to allow anyone to make us feel less than that.  I believe a positive perspective regarding our hair and skin can make all the difference in our lives, particularly in the culture in which we live.

Since we have been given incredible attributes, we should look for the best way to take care of our hair and skin because they were uniquely “designed” for us. Although, diet, exercise and water are extremely important, we must also look for additional ways to infuse our hair, scalp and skin with essential vitamins and moisture, using natural products. True Chic, Naturally provides the therapeutic benefits of organic and natural oils along with shea butter to create a healthy environment for our hair to grow and our skin to glow.

True Chic Naturally was a hair product originally created for African American hair or black natural hair but the nutrients also make this ideal for relaxed African American hair, textured and curly hair types as well.

My hope is that as you use  the hair cream designed to infuse your hair with natural ingredients or the hair maintenance items (satin bonnets, satin pillowcases, satin scarves, and wide tooth combs), you will see a difference in the quality of your hair and skin. Simply put, they will exude True Chic, Naturally!!